Take me to a Nice Home

My master has to move far away and I can’t go with him.
My name is Lucy and I am a loyal and very loving companion who will be a source of much joy and happiness.rebsig0001_2

They tell me I am mixed-breed which just means no one ever bothered to write down a lot about my parents. I think most of my ancestors were Blue Heelers but I probably have some Border Collie or Australian Shepherd in my background.

I love to play fetch, am house broken but don’t like strangers coming to the door so I bark at them a lot. Once I get to know you I settle down and am always excited to see anyone I’ve met before like the nice lady who comes and visits sometimes from Virginia to see my Master..

My master used to take me to work as this picture of me is lying on his office floor where I would patiently wait until it was time to go home and play.

For fun I love to play fetch and tug of war. Even if I let my Master win it was only so he would play with me again as he never gets tired of it.

He tells me he got a new job and has to move back to Virginia and that, since he won’t have the nice big house I love to live in and won’t be able to go to work with him I need to find a new place to live. I’m going to miss him a lot but I’m sure I will get used to living with you at your house and will give you all the devotion and love I’ve given him since I was only 6 weeks old or so. I just turned three and Doctor Loftis at Rockwall Veterinary Hospital has made sure I’ve had all my shots. The nice lady Jennifer Peters at THE DOG HOUSE at (972) 771-2230 can give me a reference as I stay with her when my Master has to go out of town.

I have been Spayed and am 3 years old.

I love to play catch and take walks.

I love to ride in the car or truck.

I eat once or twice a day (my Master puts food out in the morning and when we come home and I eat when I feel like it).

Please call my Master at 972-835-5979 or email me at Lucy at tomet.net as he is very worried about me and I’m sure you can assure him I will be OK if I can just come live with you.

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  1. Kalie says:

    Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thansk for he answer.

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