Waiting for the apology

SorryMuch was made and probably will be made of golfer Tiger Woods public apology yesterday for cheating on his wife. I thought the part where he offered apologies to the parents who had held him up as a role model to their kids gave some indication of the depth that he acknowledges the impact of his actions. As for the rest I think that is between him and his wife.

But seeing all the media hysteria leading to the event and the amount of ink, internet articles, and airtime devoted to the event pre and post got me thinking about the apology I would like to hear but have little hope of ever seeing happen.

No matter what viewpoint you hold, whether far left progressive, far right conservative, or, like most Americans, someplace in the center you would be in a state of complete denial if you could not acknowledge that our nation is in a fiscal crisis that, no matter what you depth of understanding of such things, theatens our well-being in ways likely to be consequential in the months and years ahead. It should go without saying that there is blame to go around for both political parties for, no matter what you think the Federal Government should spend the tax dollars it collects, again no matter what you think of the ways and means used to do so, a nation cannot long survive and prosper if the amount collected is exceeded by the amount spent by significant amounts ad infinitum.

This brings me to my desire for an apology.

An apology, to be sincere, first requires acknowledgment on the part of the apologist that there was something wrong done and that they had a role in it. Despite the general degree that Members of Congress and Administrations past and present has held in low esteem, it can generally be stated with confidence that the vast majority of them are not stupid. They would not have risen to their station in life without a modicum of brains. Therefore, I assert that members of the such a class of people knew, or certainly at the very least should have known, that the various spending proposals they enacted and signed into law would someday, and most likely when in a recession, lead us to the kind of fiscal crisis where we seem saddled with crushing deficits as far as can reasonably be projected and that, any credible solution to addressing the problem will consist of a combination of significantly raising taxes and massive cuts to programs.

They have to know they turned a blind eye again and again to this reality. Had to know the results would be painful at best, catastrophic at the worst, and yet, they did it over and over and over again promising the free lunch knowing the day of reckoning would someday come. It has come and like all days of reckoning the path to redemption is initiated with atonement. It starts with an apology.

Tiger Woods knows that. I believe our nation’s “leaders” know that as well.

What are they waiting for?

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