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A Call To leave the ARMchairS

Recently on what has become, perhaps, the replacement for, what in the not so distant past, the barbershop, civic clubs, or the front porch provided – Facebook – a left leaning friend asked for his “conservative friends” to explain why their anger at the recent binge of deficit spending is so visible in response to [...]

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“I want nothing to do with Washington, D.C.”

While the President was inside, surrounded by hand-picked supporters bused in, no doubt, to create the right backdrop for the choreographed effort to create video sound bites for the evening news, in full campaign mode outright slandering the majority of Americans who numerous polls report STILL don’t like the Health Care Bill, there were others [...]

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So it begins

I’d like to accept that everything that can be said about the healthcare debate has been said but, believing that the passage of the bill in Congress is only the first step, think this debate has actually just begun.
Some would claim that the debate was about those who see a nation with some 30 million [...]

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