“I want nothing to do with Washington, D.C.”

While the President was inside, surrounded by hand-picked supporters bused in, no doubt, to create the right backdrop for the choreographed effort to create video sound bites for the evening news, in full campaign mode outright slandering the majority of Americans who numerous polls report STILL don’t like the Health Care Bill, there were others outside, including one with a megaphone, offering a different viewpoint.

“I got news for you, Barack,” Millam said. “You can’t blame everything on Bush anymore. You either are the president, or you’re not. We’ve got 17 percent real unemployment. Home sales are at historic lows. . . . And now the most pro-choice president this nation has ever elected is forcing us to have health care. Every single person’s body in this whole country belongs to the government now.”

But you don’t see this on the Evening News. Kudos to the Washington Post for covering the other side of the story.

Which side are you on? For it is high time to choose. You can’t sit on the fence anymore.

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