A Call To leave the ARMchairS

Recently on what has become, perhaps, the replacement for, what in the not so distant past, the barbershop, civic clubs, or the front porch provided – Facebook – a left leaning friend asked for his “conservative friends” to explain why their anger at the recent binge of deficit spending is so visible in response to the health care bill passage when such reaction was muted, at best, during the Bush years.

Here is the essence of my reply and, by inference why I believe it will not abate nor should it lest the consequences for our nation lead us to a place no thinking American, no matter what their economic circumstances, should allow it to go without a fight worthy of the many fights our forefathers engaged in to create what remains the “last best hope of man on earth.

To answer the original question: Yes I was angry about the reckless spending during the Bush years – Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and so on.

The intensity of my anger this time is fueled by the increasing recklessness of it in the face of the overwhelming body of evidence we are reaching the threshold where the output of our tattered economy cannot sustain the desire of our government to consume an ever increasing share.

The facts are our entitlement programs are unsustainable as they are not being sustained now. In the midst of the debate of, yet another, entitlement, one likely to dwarf the burdens we now bear, the Social Security Administration announces that, “Surprise, Surprise, Gomer” it is now cash flow negative.

Moody’s announces our AAA Bond rating is in danger and that, the subsequent interest rate hikes and the spiraling costs associated with such an event, will likely lead to the necessary cuts in entitlement spending that, having created a ever larger share of the population wedded to the tit of government for sustainment, such cuts likely will lead to social unrest that threaten our societal norms. Think that hyperbole? Watch the riots in Greece on TV.

Against this backdrop we saw a reckless Congress wrangle and cajole, bribe and barter to pass something, anything, that the President could laud as some sort of improvement of our society, arguing that not to do so would keep us on a “non sustainable fiscal course”.

To do so with the knowledge of the reality of our fiscal peril, armed with the facts as to the added risks even more deficit expanding entitlement enactment would surely lead is so grossly irresponsible it should be labeled as to dereliction of duty.

That the heath care costs in the country are spiraling out of control is no doubt. I personally experienced a 41% increase in premiums for a small business I own this year alone. So count me firmly in the camp that says we must reform.

But show me where this bill will cut true costs. You can’t and won’t because it can’t and won’t. It attempts to do so by a massive transfer of wealth from producers of wealth to a new entitlement. It ignores the sovereignty of the individual and ignores basic economic facts. You cannot increase demand without increasing supply and have true costs go down. Everyone knows that truism – it is as reliable as the sun rising in the morning. That the Democrats would foist this on the people against their wishes and claim that it will cut costs when they damn well know it can’t in the face of a debt tidal wave that will drive our country into banana republic status is something no individual who honestly cares about the fate of the nation should have to endure.

The President is, if anything, not a stupid man. That he belittles those who oppose this scam of a bill full knowing its economic ramifications should be cause enough for anyone to be angry. That he seems dead set on just doing more of the same has me wondering what his true motivations can be.

The day of reckoning on the costs of our Entitlement Programs soon approaches. This fact has been acknowledged for at least thirty years as well as the recognition that, for each year delayed addressing this issue the ultimate costs of doing so will exponentially increase. It is the same phenomena experienced by one burdened with a credit card bill where the means exist to only pay the minimum payment. Consistently doing so results in the Creditor (the bank) gauging the risk of ultimate repayment of the debt to be greater, significantly raising the interest rate reducing even further the amount applied to reduce the principal with each subsequent payment, making the ultimate payoff delayed even further in the future, crippling one’s ability to spend of other things, past sins having to be paid for and such.

The day of reckoning is upon us. Once our creditors (the Chinese, the Saudis, etc) reach the conclusion we are no longer as safe a bet (see Moody’s warning) our interest rate will skyrocket adding immensely to our Federal deficit and the resulting interest payments consuming an ever larger share of the minimum payments (what tax revenue the Government collects) we are able to make.

The choices then will be (and there are no others): Massive cuts in benefits in Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, and now Obamacare; Massive tax increases on everyone and everything (thinking this applies only to “the rich” ignores that there simply aren’t enough of them); some combination of both; or simply printing more money therefore inflating the currency and hastening the destruction of our economy and our country.

We have lived in a country were generations have never had to suffer and the “sacrifices” current generations have endured are meaningless when compared to the past ones of as little as 60 years ago. Sacrifice to current generations means not being able to buy the 52” flat screen instead of the 40” model as our credit card limit won’t support it. But we are seeing the illusion of prosperity fray around the edges. Unemployment with no real recovery in sight for those who have lost their jobs; college graduates entering the workforce with no careers awaiting them making the appeal of staying on their parents insurance policies all the more attractive; and a growing sense of unrest and a widespread realization the our Government, if not aware of the plight of the nation, seem hell-bent on ignoring the facts on the ground.

This is not a partisan issue or is surely as bipartisan issue as there can be as both parties have contributed heavily to the creation of the condition we now find ourselves. But the rank dismissal of the growing tide of anger and disgust at the lack of leadership in addressing these real problems, the facts of which cannot be refuted, is fueling the kind of backlash that will, once the unavoidable choices face us and by a panicked future Congress within the next decade are implemented, tear at the fabric of society like nothing we have seen since 1861.

That is why I am angry. I sense and have seen with my own eyes having attended several rallies and events in the last 12 months where, people I would describe simply as “ordinary”, people who, in many cases have never risen in anger to protest or march, people who are increasingly becoming aware that the time for action will soon be thrust upon us by the ever-increasing tide of debt and are refusing to condone the reckless and willful ignoring of, what is increasingly acknowledged, the danger posed to the future of a nation we have so long taken as a given, and simply are saying “enough is enough”.

Some believe such failure is inevitable and that we are doomed to surrender our position in the world. Perhaps some future written history will record that they are right. But history books are filled with cases where the conventional wisdom of the many was overturned by the courage and determination of the few. There were such voices in our own Civil War who, having seen the terrible price being extracted from the Union armies in defeat after defeat in the field, called for peace and for letting the Confederate states go. Any reading of the history of our own Revolution cannot be accomplished without the acknowledgement that, by any conventional contemporaneous analysis, the Continental Army was all but finished off and that the only task left after a short Christmas break for the mercenary laden ranks of the British Army, was to cross the Delaware at Trenton and to mop up its remnants securing the rebellious Colonies for the Crown.

But Lincoln in the dark days of 1862, 63, and 64 has other ideas and on a bitter Christmas Eve it was Washington and his tattered, frozen, woefully ill-equipped band who were seen crossing the ice-filled Delaware to surprise and humiliate the well provisioned, professionally trained, and fatally overconfident Hessians at Trenton.
Leaders who truly want to deliver Change that History Will Record Matters do not shrink from the difficult and unpopular. They embrace the difficult and by the force of their untiring example lead nations, and what is a nation but an assemblage of its people, to suffer deprivations they never thought possible all for the greater and longer lasting good that the freedom enabled by such toil delivers.

If you think what you have seen in the last nine months done in the name of “we know what is best for you” leads us to address the very real problems that the coming judgment day will demand be confronted I’m open to your arguments.

If you think, as I do, that it has been nothing but a callous, reckless, and mortally dangerous continuation of the kind of selfish pandering to the worst of self-centered human instincts, then it is time to make your voices heard and demand that we be called to sacrifice, the likes of which few American’s alive today have ever been asked to answer.

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2 Responses to A Call To leave the ARMchairS

  1. Bill K. says:

    Well said. I give us about 10 years – not on the strength of subsequent fixes in Washington, but on the strength of our heritage, which like an old man, will become more feeble year by year.

  2. virgil xenophon says:

    It’s even worse than you think, OldT6. Go over to today’s (Mon, 29th) American Spectator and read an article by “The Prowler entitled: “Obama in Rude Denial.” if you want a chill down your spine. Just as I feared, Obama and those around him are confirmed to having NO CONCEPT of how the business world works and lack even a nodding acquaintance with the basics of economics or money and banking. These people, Obama preeminently among them, are leftist utopian ideologues and will WILLINGLY destroy what they regard as the “evils” of capitalism and the “white” establishment in order to install their proto-Marxist utopia, considering the effort to be well worth it. EVEN WORSE,
    however, is the fact that Obama does NOT have “full knowledge” of the effects of his policies. As I’ve said, this man is truly ignorant of all things economic. In this you are wrong , you credit him with too much wisdom. Smart tho he may be in terms of native intelligence, he is woefully ignorant of almost everything pertaining to what makes this economy and society tick. “Too clever by half” as the British are wont to say. I have often posed the question bout him as : “Charlatan or Buffoon?” Unfortunately he is both. Most Charlatans are cynically clever, knowledgeable and can be bargained with. Obama is both an ideological purist and a classic narcissist–the absolute worst combination of belief systems and personality traits possible. When combined with his almost absolute ignorance of economics and the financial and business world this is a truly fatal (for the Republic) combination. Worse, the people he surrounds himself with are equally ignorant of the business world. Almost none have ever had to meet a payroll. Go read the article. It is to weep.

    (PS:The advantage of cognac-like rum like Barbancourt is that, unlike Gin, you can put in your morning coffee. :) )

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