A place for my musings about the world.  The title, should you not be familiar with the phrase, is one used by Air Traffic Control to assign an altitude to fly.  As in “United 237, Climb and maintain flight level 27″ when telling a United Airlines flight operating as flight number 237 to climb and stay at 27000 feet altitude.

Its my way of saying you need to reach for the heavens but keep a level head doing so.

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  1. virgil xenophon says:

    Just gonna slip your blog into the conversation with no trumpets, no fanfare? “Ah say boy, ya gotta get out more”–gotta advertise, socialize more. (h/t Foghorn Leghorn–you ARE now in the land of Senator Foghorn, the mythical ’40s radio show stereotype upon which the cartoon was based, you know. :) )

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